A new, innovative operation system streamlining processes within the tourism industry has been developed by MagicalTrip

MagicalTrip, Co, LTD. (Office: Chuo-ward, Tokyo, CEO: Yasuhiro Suzuki), the operator of various local tours, MagicalTrip, has developed a new operating system that will streamline complex processes arising from providing tours and other products within the tourism industry. MagicalTrip started in 2018 as a local tours provider for foreign travellers visiting Japan. In 2019 alone, we have had more than 3000 customers, with 2000 different guides.

MagicalTrip has developed this new system to solve these two issues:

  • Complex supply processes arising from high-demand tour activities.
  • Managing supply and demand of tour activities and products.

As a result, the “MagicalTrip BackOffice”, and “MT Guide App” were developed, that greatly increased efficiency in answering to supply and demand, as well as creating an efficient mode of communication between customers, and guides.

In 2019, we have tested our systems via  a third-party tour company. With efficient features such as real-time reservation management, and self-assignment features for guides, allowed the number of participants in each tour to maximize. These features contributed to a 400% growth in monthly sales.

MagicalTrip has always prioritized the working environments for our guides, with one of our philosophies being “Guides First”.

MagicalTrip will strive to solve arising issues within the tourism industry, and play a part in innovating this industry to transform it into a fair, and flexible work environment. We will also aim to solve issues arising from COVID-19, and for suppliers to be able to provide tour activities safely.

■What is MagicalTrip?

MagicalTrip is a tour service provided by Libra Co., LTD, launched in 2019 after a year of testing. Following restructuring in November 2019, this service is now operated by MagicalTrip Co., LTD. MagicalTrip’s aim is to provide cool local experiences in Japan for foreign travellers. From sumo, to local food, our tours provide travellers to experience Japanese culture from a locals perspective. Since launch, we have amassed more than 4500 reviews on websites such as TripAdvisor, and on our own sophisticated website. In 2019 and 2020, we have been awarded the “Certificate of Excellence”, and “Travellers Choice” on TripAdvisor, making us one of the top players in the Japanese travel industry. Using our knowledge, we also provide consulting services for those in the inbound travel industries.

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