Tripadvisor’s No.1 Tokyo Nightlife Tour, “Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour” by MagicalTrip now offering tours starting from the evening!

Libra Co., LTD (Tokyo, Chuo-ward CEO: Yasuhiro Suzuki) announces a new operation time for “Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour” aimed for foreign travelers visiting Japan. Due to increasing demand, this tour will have another time slot available.

■ Starting from 17:30 PM, come join the fun before you feel sleepy from jet lag!

”Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour” was initially from 19 to 22pm. Now, we are offering tours starting from 17:30pm to 20:30pm. Most customers who participated in this tour were from time zones significantly different from Japan. As such, many of our participants complained of jet lag during night tours. We are confident that our new time slot can solve the problem.

■Don’t worry about midnight!

”Tokyo Bar Hopping” features 3 bars, ending at 20:30pm. Customers do not have to be afraid of the last train leaving the station, and go for more rounds with their newly found friends!

■Increasing Demand on TripAdvisor

“Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour” is our No.1 product by MagicalTrip. This product has received universal acclaim and was awarded No.1 on TripAdvisor’s “Nightlife” category in Tokyo (out of 966 products, as of March 30th, 2018). Due to this milestone, this tour has become significantly popular, resulting in a full schedule for weeks in advance. To answer this demand, we have decided to increase available time slots.


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