Tokyo’s #1 Nightlife tour for foreign tourists finally arrives in Osaka, Japan!!

Libra Inc. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo・President & CEO: Yasuhiro Suzuki) would like to announce that we started a Bar Hopping Tour in Osaka, similar to our #1 Tokyo nightlife bar hopping tour.
The Tokyo bar hopping tour, which ranks No.1 on TripAdvisor「Tokyo×Nightlife」category (as of April 2018), has been getting very popular among foreign tourists. Due to the overwhelming popularity of our bar hopping tour and requests by travelers, we decided to also start a bar hopping nightlife tour in Osaka.

“Osaka Bar Hopping Tour”- is a tour created in response to the foreign tourists request of taking them to local Izakaya bars in Osaka with a Kansai Japanese guide.

「Bar Hopping Tour In Osaka」overview.

【Date】Every day from 18:00 pm for 3 hours.


・Meet up at Namba station.

・Go to Hozenji Yokocho nearby Dotonbori area. In the good-old and lively Yokocho street that leads to Hozenji, we will make a toast with Osaka food specialty – Kushikatsu! Please “No double dipping”.

・Next, we will go to Torame Yokocho in Uranamba area, and make a toast while eating Osaka Specialty – Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Yakitori, and Sushi.

・Finally, we will have a Ochazuke to end the night. You will fully enjoy the nightlife in Osaka.

【Pricing】6,600yen (tax in)


【Sponsor】Libra Ltc.

Osaka Bar Hopping tour

What is the Osaka Bar Hopping Tour?

This tour has been created by the requests of many travelers saying that they would like to travel into the unknown parts of Japan where the local Japanese people go to and drink. They highly admire the fact that a Japanese local guide will take them to deep Izakaya spots where only locals go and kindly talk about Japanese culture, history, sometimes politics/economics during the tour.

The background for starting the Osaka Bar Hopping Tour.

Many foreign tourists in Japan visit both Osaka and Tokyo. Osaka has a totally different gourmet culture, full of mercenary atmosphere, unique dialect, and easy-going people, it’s no wonder that you’ll easily feel like you’re at home. It is why many people dubbed Osaka as the “Kitchen of Japan”.

We have gotten many requests asking us to please start bar hopping tours in Osaka. Since the tour guide will need to play an important role, we have been recruiting outgoing candidates and training them recently. We are proud to announce that we have completed training and have launched our tour in Osaka.

A Tour that Travelers Want!

The average age of the participants is as young as the late 20s to early 30s, and their nationalities are from the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. It can be said that Westerners of younger generations have a high interest in traditional Japanese food and the culture of sake/izakaya. Osaka Bar Hopping is a tour that represents the desires of overseas tourists, especially Westerners who think “I want to experience something I can only do in Japan” or “I want to go to a place that is super local as well as going to sightseeing spots”.

Magical Trip provides cool Japanese culture experiences for overseas travelers visiting Japan

Magical Trip from Libra. Inc, a venture company founded in 2013, has been offering sightseeing tour services for overseas travelers visiting Japan since 2017. Magical Trip offers a variety of tours with the aim of having overseas travelers experience cool Japanese culture such as the “Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour” which takes travelers on a hopping adventure to enjoy Japanese foods and sake at traditional izakayas.

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