Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour for foreign tourists which ranks No.1 in TripAdvisor starts a new tour in the Asakusa area!

Libra Ltc. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo・President & CEO: Yasuhiro Suzuki) announces that we have started「Bar Hopping Tour」in Asakusa that is very popular among foreign tourists.

「Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour In Asakusa」overview.

【Date】Every day from 18:00 pm for 3 hours.


・Cooking・Eating・Drinking」Experience at Okonomiyaki, Monjayaki Izakaya.

・Let’s try Japanese Original Hoppy at a Japanese Izakaya in Hoppy Street.

・Let’s make a toast at a standing bar!

【Pricing】6,600yen (tax in)


【Sponsor】Libra Ltc.

The Background for starting Asakusa Bar Hopping Tour.

Asakusa area has many sightseeing spots such as Kaminarimon, Asakusa temple, and Tokyo Sky Tree. There are many tourists during the daytime and gets very crowded. In contrast to the daytime, Asakusa will show a totally different side at night time. It becomes a lively place where local people enjoy drinking with each other. Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour is a popular tour among foreign tourists who want to experience real local Japanese culture with Japanese people. We decided to start Asakusa Bar Hopping Tour to give foreign tourists a good-old Japanese experience with Edokko(kind) people.

Magical Trip provides a cool Japanese culture experience for overseas travelers visiting Japan

Magical Trip from Libra. Inc, a venture company founded in 2013, has been offering sightseeing tour services for overseas travelers visiting Japan since 2017. Magical Trip offers a variety of tours with the aim of having overseas travelers experience cool Japanese culture such as “Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour” which lets them enjoy Japanese foods and sake at traditional izakayas.

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