Simon and Martina, two of the top YouTubers recommends bar hopping in Tokyo

he buzzing YouTuber duo, Simon and Martina, introduced the “Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour”, a popular tour offered to overseas travelers in Japan by Libra, Inc. (Chuo, Tokyo; CEO: Yasuhiro Suzuki). The duo was featured in the Shibuya tour, which is one of three tour options (Shibuya, Shinjuku & Ebisu, and Asakusa) offered by the company. Within two days, the video has 220,000+ views, 10,000+ likes, and 1,200+ comments and has helped spread the greatness of Tokyo to audiences across the globe.

Simon and Martina are Canadian couple, who started making videos in 2008 and have created content focusing on food. Their cumulative views surpass 400 million and the channel has 1.3 million subscribers. They reach an English-speaking audience not only in Japan, but across Asia and are top influencers in Asia overall.


For those that are short on time, we’ve provided highlights from the video below.

  • The Shibuya Bar Hopping Tour, organized by Magical Trip, kicks off at Hachiko plaza.

  • Start with the classic choice of beer…with a little twist! The frozen beer is topped with frozen foam that looks like soft cream. The pair are amazed with the novel drink!

  • The two YouTubers samples everything from izakaya staples to soul food like “Niku Jaga (Meat and Potatoes)”, “Grilled Bacon”, and “Hanpen (Fish Cake) with Grilled Cheese”.

  • While the couple gawk at the meat fest at Niku Yokocho (Meat Allay), a magician comes by and Simon is thoroughly entertained!

  • They raise a toast, calling “Kanpai”, with an extra-large glass of beer.


Comments on the Video

“What a coincidence! I’m heading to Japan in July and the tour by Magical Trip is now on my shortlist. Thanks for sharing such great information!”

“I’ve been to Japan six times over twelve years and can vouch that this is a perfect way to experience Japan as a local.”

“Last time I went to Japan for two weeks, I was unable to interact with the locals, but now I know how to “go to a locals’ place with locals”! This is my next dream!”

Watch Simon and Martina introduce the Shibuya Bar Hopping Night Tour.