“MagicalTrip” starts joint business with China Mobile Intl.

Libra Co., LTD (Tokyo, Chuo-ward CEO: Yasuhiro Suzuki) announces the start of a joint business partnership between our tourism service, MagicalTrip and China Mobile Intl (CEO: Li Feng), a subsidiary of China Mobile.

Through this partnership, products on  “MagicalTrip” will be sold through “JegoTrip”, an application provided by China Mobile Intl.

JegoTrip, as of October 2018, has amassed more than 90 million users. This application provides roaming services and other tourism information to mainland Chinese users. Throughout our partnership, JegoTrip will increase their variety of products and users, to reach more than 200 million users by 2020. Due to similarities in our business growth strategy and high-demand services, MagicalTrip was chosen as a business partner in Japan.

MagicalTrip has tours guided by young Japanese students with international experiences. We aim to increase our businesses in the upcoming years by providing regional services elsewhere in the globe.

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