Announcing MagicalTrip Inc. , a new establishment

To answer the rising demand of inbound travel in Japan, we are proud to announce the establishment of Libra Co., LTD (Tokyo, Chuo-ward CEO: Yasuhiro Suzuki).

MagicalTrip is succeeded by Libra Co., LTD (Tokyo, Chuo-ward CEO: Yasuhiro Suzuki). Our services have expanded to Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nara, and Hokkaido, after a successful start in Tokyo.

Our aim and vision is to provide successful and exciting tourism experiences in Japan by following these 3 criterias.

・ Provide local experiences and to create mutual understandings between foreign travelers and locals.

・Provide business opportunities not only in Japan, but on a global scale.

・Enhance the working environments of the tourism industry.


Magical Trip

MagicalTrip Inc.