Magical Trip’s Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour won 1st place in TripAdvisor’s Tokyo Nightlife category!

Libra. Inc (located in Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Yasuhiro Suzuki) would like to announce that the company’s “Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour” for overseas travelers visiting Japan has ranked first in TripAdvisor’s Tokyo Nightlife category.
“Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour” gained high praise from overseas travelers

“Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour” which is the No.1 tour of Magical Trip has received high ratings from international travelers visiting Japan on TripAdvisor, the largest travel review website in the world, and has moved to the 1st place out of 1002 activities in the Tokyo Nightlife category (as of April, 2018).

Magical Trip provides a cool Japanese culture experience for overseas travelers visiting Japan

Magical Trip ( from Libra. Inc, a venture company founded in 2013, has been offering sightseeing tour services for overseas travelers visiting Japan since 2017. Magical Trip offers a variety of tours with the aim of having overseas travelers experience cool Japanese culture such as the “Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour” ( which takes travelers on a hopping adventure to enjoy Japanese foods and sake at traditional izakayas.

Friendly and Knowledgeable Guides is the reason for such high ratings

The biggest reason for being awarded first place in this highly competitive sector is the quality of the tour guides. The guides are composed mainly of university students who are serious about academics, job hunting, and have experience of studying abroad or traveling overseas. Libra, Inc. puts the utmost importance on recruitment interviews, providing practical hands-on training, and giving the candidates the necessary tools to become a great guide. As a result, Magical Trip produces high quality guides that are not found in other tours. In TripAdvisor reviews, there are many voices of appreciation for every tour guide from Magical Trip. It is the result of the company’s effort towards building a great quality foundation so that travelers can enjoy their trip to Japan.

Complaints from Overseas Tourists about the Lack of Nightlife Tours in Tokyo

Many of the complaints about Japanese tours revealed that from interviews with over 200 foreign travelers visiting Japan, was the lack of nightlife themed tours available. While many of the overseas travelers who have visited Japan are satisfied with Japan’s high hospitality and historical cultural content, there are however complaints such as “I wanted to experience Japan at night more”, “I want to talk with local people in Japan”, and “I wanted to play at night, such as drinking at a pub but I could not experience these activities as many shops could not understand English”. In response to those voices, Magical Trip created a tour where you can experience bar hopping in izakayas (Japanese bars). You can enjoy a unique experience in Japan, “Inside a crowded narrow shop” “Meat that you do not normally eat (but tasty and safe!)” “What serious Japanese office workers do after work”.

The average age of tour participants is late 20s to early 40s. Tour representing the “want” based consumption

The average age of the participants is as young as the late 20s to early 40s, and their nationalities are from the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. It can be said that Westerners of younger generations have a high interest in traditional Japanese food and the culture of sake/izakaya. Tokyo Bar Hopping is a tour that represents the “want” based consumption from overseas tourists, especially Westerners who think “I want to experience something I cannot do without coming to Japan” or “I want to go to a place that is ‘super local’ as well as going to sightseeing spots”.

Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour Shinjuku

Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour Shibuya

Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour Asakusa