Regarding “MagicalTrip”, our newest tour for foreign travelers visiting Japan

Libra Co., LTD announces “MagicalTrip”, a service spanning across various tours as our first travel business aimed towards foreign travelers visiting Japan.

■ What is MagicalTrip?

MagicalTrip is a tour service for foreign, passionate travellers visiting Japan. With MagicalTrip, travellers can expect to have a local experience to encounter a multitude of Japanese culture not passively, but intimately. As part of our service, MagicalTrip will host the “Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour”, where travellers can experience the Japanese culinary arts, including sake.

The tours provided on MagicalTrip will not only fulfil travellers’ desires to experience Japan intimately, they may do so by interacting with local Japanese guides as well as visit hidden spots, away from usual popular tourist destinations.

Our service will launch in Tokyo, but will gradually increase in scope with international destinations.