Hello, world. I'll tell you about our company and product

Thank you for your visiting Libra Blog. I’m Yasuhiro Suzuki, CEO of Libra Inc.

In this blog, we will continually update our product information and publicly share our knowledge. We would like to share our ideas and thoughts about our company, our product and our team. We will be glad if they can contribute to help other teams with similar challenges.

Currently we are a small company based in Tokyo, Japan working alongside 12 other members.

Our company is very young. Libra started its activity from October 2013. We previously concentrated on internet media business until the beginning of 2016. We have some segmented media (beauty to women over 30 years-old, hobby to middle-aged business man and so on) acquiring tens of millions of access per month with the help of many great partners. And currently now our energy is towards a new product, MagicalTrip. We are developing this product aiming to provide new travel experiences worldwide.

The product is targeted for foreign travelers and concentrates on “Plan” and “Book” notion of travel. I assume you haven’t heard of MagicalTrip yet. It is not known yet because we launched the prototype in August 2016 and just started providing open beta version before December 2016. We believe traveling should be personal, unique and tailored to each traveler by diversifying user’s needs, interests and expectations. Thus, we believe that improving the user experience of travel planning will be getting popular from now on. In the near future we believe that our product will become a huge hit in the global market.

Currently travelers need to gather many travel information throughout many online sources and plan their itinerary by utilizing several websites and map service by themselves. You go through several travel sites to book items and go through tiresome registrations. As you already know, it is fairly difficult. The process takes up a lot of time and effort, even more so when you are busy and have limited time on your hands. Then after planning, you might feel anxiety of going to an unknown region and might feel stressed out by the thought of that.

Travel is difficult and complex and the type of experience that you want as a traveler is unique. Thus, we are trying to improve, moreover, renew the whole experience of travel planning so that you can come to love traveling to other places. At the same time, we already know the difficulty of achieving our target goal but that won’t stop us from pushing forward and climbing over those difficult hurdles. In our open beta tests, we have found many good reactions and feedback from users. We hope that our product MagicalTrip can potentially make your trip planning experience more comfortable, easy and efficient when you are planning your next trip!

MagicalTrip will be the one-stop place to plan, book, and create a new pleasurable experience for travelers. When we provide great value to our users in traveling planning, we therefore help everyone in their traveling phase, from traveling before departure to traveling on arrival.

We strongly want to change travel planning experience to help all individual travelers make their travel experience be more unique and unforgettable through our product MagicalTrip. Even before launch, MagicalTrip has already garnered good relationships with travel service providers. On customer acquisition side, we have already made partnership with NTT docomo, the biggest mobile internet career in Japan. We have high expectations for ourselves and what we can achieve while finding and concentrating our core value with developing a good relationship in the travel industry.