People of which country wish to drink with Japanese locals? Interesting statistics on regional differences

Libra Co., LTD (Tokyo, Chuo-ward CEO: Yasuhiro Suzuki) announces results based on our own research conducted with participants in our “Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour”, where foreign travelers visiting Japan can interact with Japanese locals in locally-adored bars through sake and fine food.

■ Most Visited: United States of America

Throughout 2017 to 2018, out of foreign travelers participating in this tour, there were 58 groups of US citizens, 39 groups from Australia, 14 from the United Kingdom, 8 from Canada, another 8 from Singapore, and so on. While our guides can speak fluent languages from Asian regions, we have attracted more participants from English speaking countries.

■ Why are Japanese local bars popular?

Out of all participants, European customers have participated in our tour to see how Japanese people, known for their good manners and patience, act in rowdy places such as bars.  Our bar hopping tours take customers through Shinjuku’s Piss Alley, and Ebisu’s Ebisu Alley. Since there is a large difference between Japanese and European cultures, many participants have joined our tours to interact with a whole new kind of culture.

■Are Japanese people patient and diligent even in drinking? No!

Most of our foreign customers say in unison that the Japanese are NOT patient, nor diligent in drinking settings. They are often surprised with how the Japanese act in these settings. They find the most value in our tours by interacting with these locals simply having a good time after a hard day’s work.

■No.1 on TripAdvisor

“Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour” by MagicalTrip has amassed an overwhelming amount of praise, earning it No.1 on TripAdvisor’s “Nightlife” category at Tokyo (out of 966 products, as of March 31st, 2018).In today’s competitive tourism market, we are proud to state that our high-quality guides are attributed to our success. Most of our guides have studied overseas, and went through a rigorous interviews, and training. They have access to guidance tools that assures our customers a comfortable, and exciting experience. On review websites including TripAdvisor, our customers have thoughtfully expressed their gratitude towards our guides, which justifies our place and commitment as a tour provider.


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