Say Cheers! under a beautiful Sakura tree in Ueno Park with foreign travelers!

Libra Co., LTD (Tokyo, Chuo-ward CEO: Yasuhiro Suzuki) will start “Sakura Night Out”, a new tour dedicated for foreign travelers visiting Japan. In this tour, customers can have “Ohanami”, a Japanese traditional party held under a beautiful Sakura tree. This special cultural event is accessible to anyone. Various foreign travelers will attend this event, where you customers can interact with Japanese locals over some food and sake. If you wish to test your English skills, or simply love to interact, please feel free to join this event.

■「Sakura Night Out Tour」Information

【Date】 March 27th (Tuesday) 17pm-20pm

※ This event will be held at a bar in the case of rain (2 food 2 drinks on first bar, please pay for your own food and drinks at the second bar).

【Meet Up Place】 17pm, in front of the post at Ueno Sttion Hirokoji Exit

【Itinerary】 Izakaya (Bar) - comes with 1 food and 1 drink under 1500 yen

Move to Ueno Park

Explore Shimizu Kannon-do with two guides

Ohanami (we have you set with Sake and food)

【Attendees】 About 20 including guides

※This is a first-come, first-served event!

【Price】 6,200 Yen


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